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One hundred years ago Africa was famous for its boundless landscapes and immense sense of wilderness.

It is a continent of beguiling mysteries and legends that reach far back through the ages of man, to those times where wildness was king.

Today, the continent’s pristine places are restricted to small pockets surrounded by rural transformation and industrial development. These patches of paradise only survive because of the dedicated people who strive to create balance between the land, its people and its wildlife.

Travellers visit Africa to experience the last of the continent’s natural heritage and traditional cultures for themselves. But these safaris are potentially more than merely holidays. These journeys are opportunities for visitors to meet the dedicated people who have devoted their lives to restoring and nurturing their corners of Africa.

The philanthropic property owners, conservationists, guides, rangers, ecologists, researchers and wilderness champions are the visionaries at the forefront of an African resurgence. It is their inspirational stories that leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Who are these people? Why have they given so much of themselves to protect and promote their piece of Africa? Why do they love what they do? What are their stories? Why should people from New York, London, Frankfurt or Hong Kong come to these exact spots on such a vast continent of remarkable destinations?

Africa’s spirit of wildness, in the land, its animals and its people, is what makes the continent so appealing to the rest of the world. The stories of these places and of the visionaries behind their protection need to be told and celebrated.